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2012 brings changes for Miss Bella Blooms and the hair accessories I create. I will no longer be a permanent stallholder at Fairy Floss Markets however, you can still purchase my range of girl’s hair accessories through an online market called Yellow Brick Road. Click on the link featured on the left of the screen. Yellow Brick Road is a beautiful online market showcasing a variety of designers specialising in handmade designer boutique children clothing and accessories. A one stop shop for consumers who are after unique and beautiful items. The new year will also see an introduction of Bridal Accessories..please refer to my recent post for further details.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Since the Bridal Expo, I've been busy creating new styles, one of them being bridal sashes which I wrote about in my last post.

Well this post is about what's happening now and it leaves with an amazing feeling.  I feel very fortunate to say the least.

You know the saying 'things happen in 3's'?  Well for me it's happen in 4!! Yes you read that 4!

So the first would be the Bridal Expo, an amazing opportunity to show case my ware's, meet potential clients and discuss their needs. 

For those who don't know, I have a profile on Pinterest - here's my profile link - https://pinterest.com/bellablooms.  This is where the second opportunity comes into play.  A staff member of a website called www.weddingdressbee.com pinned one of my creations.. To me that's huge.  Ok you say what's so good about that!    Well if a staff member of a business specializing in bridal pins one of my items, perhaps it will become a discussion point, which hopefully leads on to other things.

And thirdly, I have the opportunity to 'sponsor' two lovely people who are participating in the Digital Parents Conference.  Caroline Brown has a website called Nightwolf's Den - here's a link for those who wish to know more - http://nightwolfsden.com/. Caroline discusses various subjects including craft and parenting.  The other person is Jolene of Mum's Lounge.  If you haven't read one of her post or interacted on her business page on facebook, you are missing out.  Jolene has a way with words and it always leaves me in stitches!  Here are the links - https://www.facebook.com/Mumslounge and http://www.mumslounge.com.au/.

I'm sure both ladies are going to have an amazing time at the conference and dinner!

And the finally the 4th opportunity. You know that fabric flower bridal bouquet I made some time ago for a bridal shoot done by the amazing Stephanie Newbold (www.snphotographer.com.), (scroll down incase you missed that one!) well it's going to be featured in a new online magazine called the 'Handmade Bride' here's the link - www.handmadebride.com.au.  Yes you read correctly.  My work is going to be featured in a new online magazine!!  Yippee for me I say.  Subscription is free.  For all the brides who are after inspiration for their own wedding, or wanting quality items and obviously different, subscribe (again it's free) so you can received a copy of the launch magazine which is due to be released in April!

A huge thank you to the lovely Liz Foulds of www.prelovedkidswear.com.au who brought this little opportunity to my attention!

I'm very excited!!

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