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2012 brings changes for Miss Bella Blooms and the hair accessories I create. I will no longer be a permanent stallholder at Fairy Floss Markets however, you can still purchase my range of girl’s hair accessories through an online market called Yellow Brick Road. Click on the link featured on the left of the screen. Yellow Brick Road is a beautiful online market showcasing a variety of designers specialising in handmade designer boutique children clothing and accessories. A one stop shop for consumers who are after unique and beautiful items. The new year will also see an introduction of Bridal Accessories..please refer to my recent post for further details.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SeaFm's Shed for your Wedding

SeaFm's Shed for your Wedding!

A few weeks ago, I received a post on my page, alerting me to a potential order as the 'bride-to-be' had entered a competition to see who could shed the most weight in 3 weeks to win a wedding!! 

Well Amanda Nolan and her fiancee Paul were selected to participate against another couple.  The wedding was held on Monday at 7 am (yes very early)...did I mention Charli Robinson formerly of Hi-5 was hosting the event?  Apparently she is one of 3 hosts for the morning show.

Initially the request was for a hair piece similar to the red 'Burlesque' but on a smaller scale and in white.  Well shortly after, the request was changed to a different colour as the dress had changed colour!  So the challenge had been set to create a piece worthy of a wedding!

Amanda and Paul didn't win the competition, but they did win by loosing some weight, improving their health and most importantly, the support of each other...Congratulations for an awesome effort! 

Without further ado, here are the amazing pictures of Amanda Nolan (the bride-to-be) and Lisa Nolan (photographer from Images of Life by Lisa).

 Amanda Nolan

Lisa Nolan - wearing Burlesque in red

A huge thank you to Amanda for allowing me to create a hair piece for her special day.  Most importantly I have to say a huge thank you to Lisa for again capturing my creations so beautifully.  Simply amazing.

If you wish to know more about the competition please click on the following links -
http://www.seafm.com.au/galey,-baggs-and-charli/shedding-for-the-wedding and

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